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11th International Conference on Body Area Networks

December 15–16, 2016 | Turin, Italy

What to See and Do:

Here are Turin's top tourist attractions:

  • Piazza Castello and Palazzo Reale are at the center of Turin. The square is a pedestrian area with benches and small fountains, ringed by beautiful, grand buildings.
  • The Via Po is an interesting walking street with long arcades and many historic palaces and cafes. Start at Piazza Castello.
  • Mole Antonelliana, a 167 meter tall tower built between 1798 and 1888, houses an excellent cinema museum. A panoramic lift takes you to the top of the tower for some expansive views of the city.
  • Palazzo Carignano is the birthplace of Vittorio Emanuele II in 1820. The Unification of Italy was proclaimed here in 1861. It now houses the Museo del Risorgimento and you can see the royal apartments Royal Armory, too.
  • Museo Egizio is the third most important Egyptian museum in the world. It is housed in a huge baroque palace which also holds the Galleria Sabauda with a large collection of historic paintings. The Egyptian Museum was renovated in 2015, making it better than ever.
  • Piazza San Carlo, known as the "drawing room of Turin", is a beautiful baroque square with the twin churches of San Carlo and Santa Cristina as well as the above museum.
  • Il Quadrilatero is an interesting maze of backstreets with sprawling markets and splendid churches. This is another good place to wander.
  • Elegant and historic cafes are everywhere in central Turin. Try a bicerin, a local layered drink made with coffee, chocolate, and cream. Cafes in Turin also serve other interesting trendy coffee drinks.
  • Borgo Mediovale, or medieval borgo, is a recreation of a medieval village with castle created in 1884 for the International Exposition in the city of Turin. It's by the river in the pretty Parco del Valentino.
  • Historic coffee houses: Turin was one of the first cities in Italy to embrace a cafe society. Besides coffee and other hot drinks, ice cream, pastries, and alcoholic drinks, many cafes serve food appetizers with the evening apertivi. Since you pay more to sit down, either inside or outside, make it worthwhile by spending some time at your table enjoying the scene.
  • Shroud of Turin Museum: The Shroud of Turin, or the Holy Shroud, is housed in the Turin Cathedral but is only put on display for certain periods. The last viewing was in 2015. The Museum of the Holy Shroud is open daily.
  • Turin Day Trips: Here are 9 interesting places go to for a day out from Turin.