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Organizing Committee


Title Name Affiliation
General Chairs

Victor C.M. Leung

Athanasios V. Vasilakos

University of British Columbia, Canada (vleung AT

University of Western Macedonia, Greece (vasilako AT
Technical Program Chairs

Thomas Falck

Karim Qayumi

Xinbing Wang

Philips Research, the Netherlands (thomas.falck AT
University of British Columbia
, Canada (qayumi AT Shanghai Jiaotong University, China (xwang8 AT
Program Track Chairs Communications and Networking
Yan Zhang

Medical Applications
Min Chen

System and Technology
Hassan Ghasemzadeh

Wearable Computing
Jelena Misic
Simula Research Lab & University of Oslo, Norway (yanzhang AT

University of British Columbia, Canada (minchen AT

Univ. of Texas at Dallas, USA (h.ghasemzadeh AT

Ryerson University, Canada (jmisic AT
Industry Co-Chairs David M. Davenport

Panos Nasiopoulos
GE Global Research, USA (davenport AT
University of British Columbia
, Canada (panos AT
Workshop/Tutorial Chair Benny Lo Imperial College London (benny.lo AT
Publicity Chairs

Andreas Bulling

Lei Shu

Mei Yu

ETH Zurich, Switzerland (andreas.bulling AT Osaka University, Japan (lei.shu AT
Simula Research Lab., Norway (yumei AT

Publication Chair Foad Dabiri University of California Los Angeles (dabiri AT
Demo Chair Ilangko Balasingham Oslo University Hospital, NTNU & University of Olso ( ilangkob AT
Poster Chair Raul Chavez-Santiago Oslo University Hospital & NTNU, Norway (raul.chavez-santiago AT
Conference Coordinator Gergely Nagy ICST (gergely.nagy AT
Steering Committee Chair Imrich Chlamtac Create-Net, Italy (imrich.chlamtac AT
Web Chair Min Chen University of British Columbia, Canada (minchen AT


Dates & News

Full Paper Due
March 31, 2010 (extended)

May 21, 2010

Camera Ready
June 21, 2010

Technical Cooperation
ACM ACM Sigmobile
Technical Sponsorship
CREATE-NETIEEE Computer Society embs
Corporate Sponsorship